“Splendidly entertaining. . . . Joyce and Nabokov could produce verbal astonishments as readily. Not many others come to mind.” (Time)

“A grand jigsaw puzzle that takes on shape and definition as the pieces are set into place but does not fully reveal its subject until the very end. . . . All is rendered with great anecdotal charm and is embroidered throughout with vivid descriptions and delightful reflections. . . . Helprin is a master.” (The New York Times Book Review)

“Extravagant, daring . . . full of unexpected jolts of laugh-out-loud comedy. . . . Helprin is one of the most ambitious novelists of our day and Memoir From Antproof Case grapples nobly and passionately with the great themes that are the stuff of great fiction.” (Washington Post Book World)

“Stunning . . . moving, electrifying . . . a series of adventures guaranteed to make ordinary mortals feel they have lived dull lives. . . Helprin is a fine writer, a pyrotechnic writer, a writer who can leave you breathless with his command of the language . . . . He speaks with the tongues of angels.” (San Francisco Chronicle)